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Georgie vs. Georgia Tech in CFA Kickoff 2011?

...and I have major issues with this idea.

Believe it or not, that's the latest rumor coming swirling around the Flats right now. I've even heard that it's a done deal. If this rumor is remotely true, even to the fact that we entertained the idea, there are serious problems with Georgia Tech athletics. Goodbye tradition. Hello money. 2011 is scheduled to be a home game against the Bulldogs and we'd be willing to sacrifice that to split ticket sales in the Dome where more Mutt fans can come watch their team play? I'm not against playing in the kickoff against 11 of the 12 SEC teams. Give us LSU, Florida, Alabama, whoever the SEC powerhouse may be at that time, but NOT Georgia.

What other rivalry games do you see in the first week? Very few and none that matter. We'd be giving up any type of home-field advantage and letting them take over simply because they outnumber us.

Rivalry week is always the final weeks in the year. It's what I look forward to, you look forward to. It's the cherry on top of any season, good or bad if you win. And then to just completely sell out to the "national exposure, sponsorships, and hoopla" just leaves a bad bad nasty taste in my mouth.

I hope this is just a rumor. I hope I never hear about this again, but for some reason, I don't expect it to go away.  There is one thing I do know though...Bobby Dodd would have never agreed to do this.