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VT-UNC Pandemonium

Well, UNC might've locked up the division for GT last night. VT was the second ACC team to lose this season coming off a bye week making ACC Teams 5-2 coming off the bye (UNC's loss to FSU last week was the other one). NC State is coming off the bye against FSU this weekend while MD, GT, BC, and Wake haven't had a bye yet. Here are some thoughts and such from blogs affiliated with last night's combatants:
...this was Yates' day, coming back from one of the dumbest passes of the year to put the ball exactly where it needed to be against a Virginia Tech defense they strangely pulled everyone back into coverage. (Even the failed third down touchdown attempt that would have given the Heels the lead was well-placed; Greg Little just misjudged it.) The turnover will remain epically stupid, but the game won't be remembered for it. - Carolina March

This game was perfect redemption after the way the Heels fell last week. - Tar Heel Fan

That sucks but having seen the D get shredded all season, not that surprised. That sorta sucks, not being surprised. - Beer Control Offense

Now with Duke Blue Devils (4-3, 2-1) and Wake Forest Demon Deacons (4-4, 2-1) as the final hurdles for GT, I think many fans are getting a little less nervous about VT and Miami coming back. The pressure is easing off of us similar to 2006 after the division clinching win over UNC. However, momentum is a silly thing in college football. Vanderbilt and Georgie could cost us the ACC Title. How? By beating us, injuring key players, shaking our confidence. Football isn't just chess pieces moving from one square to the next. Our game of option football involves confidence in the pitch. Confidence in the blocks. We gotta win out to win the ACC. I don't see us winning the ACC Championship Game without beating Georgie and Vanderbilt. What would an Orange Bowl birth mean if you couldn't beat a Georgia team having their worst season in 10 years? Not a whole lot. It would say, "GT got an automatic birth like the midmajors in March Madness. When they matched up with the big boys, they couldn't win."

What do you think? Tell me I'm wrong for thinking such thoughts!