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2009 Team Goals Mystery Solved


In case you haven't noticed, the team carries a plackard with 8 Team Goals for the 2009 Yellow Jackets out onto the field every week. It appears to be carried out by a different player week to week. I finally caught a screen shot off the UVA highlight clip. Here are the goals:

1. ACC Champs

2. Win the Bowl Game

3. Undefeated at Home

4. Top Ten in Turnover Margin

5. Top Five in Rushing Offense and Defense

6. Win Special Teams

7. Finish

8. Be Champions Off the Field

The mystery is solved. The goals were all plausible and great goals to start the season. Obviously, we want to beat Georgie (undefeated at home). We want to win a BCS game. #4 is not terrible right now. We are #29 nationally but still a lot of games to be played against terrible teams. Rushing offense is not an issue. We are 53rd in rushing defense. This should get better down the stretch as well but that's a long way off of Top 5. #6... #7 is HUGE and very important and ties into winning out the rest of the season and bowl game. #8 is never a problem with GT athletes. Let me know your thoughts.