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Blog Poll Map for Week 8: Axis & Allies

This week is where you separate the men from the boys, the friends from the foes. It was judgment week in the blog poll. Did you put GT in the Top 10 or not? Are you putting GT in the Top 10 because you think they're good or because you want to upset a highly rated team?

GT ended up at #11 just below LSU this week. As I told Winfield, "The Peach Bowl loss is still hurting us."

Interesting facts about voting this week: 1) 10 blogs ranked GT between 5th and 8th. Of those 10, 7 of them were from the ACC. 2) GT had 20 blogs rank the Jackets from 5th to 9th. Of those 20, 12 were from the ACC or uga blogs. I think the uga bloggers have some hidden motives. 3) One voter ranked uga. He also dropped us a spot for destroying UVA.

All voters voted for GT between 5th and 13th (yellow = top 10 or higher average, blue = great, brown = really good, red = good). Here's the map of the week (please note our stronghold in the Southeast Corner of America):