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Post-Week 8/Pre-Week 9 ACC Roundtable

We played hookie for last week's roundtable because we lost track of time and UVA was a huge game to look forward to. Nevertheless, we're back up in action and dishing out our opinion and love for Paul Johnson even more than usual. I guess that's what happens when YOU TAKE THE ACC CONFERENCE LEAD! Enough of that (for the moment). This week's roundtable is hosted by Joe Ovies, a contributor to AM 850 The Buzz Sports Radio Blog in the North Carolina Triangle Area. ACC Roundup will be posted sometime Thursday. So what do you have for us this week Joe?

1.) Now that we're in the home-stretch of college football, we have
enough material to begin campaigns for ACC coach of the year and
player of the year. Who ya got and why?

The rest of these answers are going to be about Paul Johnson, so let's go ahead and say Randy Shannon. This man has rebuilt Miami into a very respectable program despite what thousands of internet message board lurking morons have said about him. He knows when to relax on his players, and he knows when to be strict. Same goes for his coordinators, and this year it looks like Shannon has really found the right mix. True, the VPI and Clemson losses have been tough so far this season, but believe Tech fans when they say that a tough loss does not equal an inferior coach.

2.) Would your 2009 ACC coach of the year stand a chance in the SEC
battlefields of recruiting and gameday management against the likes of
Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Lane Kiffin?

Absolutely. Very, very many of the high school coaches Georgia love Paul Johnson. You have to remember that CPJ also worked some magic in Statesboro, GA as he led Georgia Southern to national prominence. He is a proven coach who gets what he wants, and when he doesn't, he still gets the job done. There are enough recruits in the state of Georgia to field a National Championship team. We will have our pick of the litter (if he wants them of course).

3.) Getting away from the breathless week-to-week win/loss reactions
COACH!", where is your head coach in 5 years. If no longer with your
school, how does the exit go down?

In 3 seasons, we will be in the year 2012. Paul Johnson will sacrifice himself to prevent the calamity predicted by the ancient Native Americans and Nostradamus by engulfing himself in a green flame erupting from his own eyes on the 50 yard line after winning his 5th uga game in a row. He will become one with the aether, and teleport our planet into a solar system in an alternate dimension, where a time of peace and harmony will befall the Earth and all will live in happiness. It will be a very badass exit.

4.) Coffee is for closers only. Which means plenty of ACC teams are
walking around with empty cups after failing to finish off opponents
or lock up divisions. As the worst offender, who gets the steak

UNC. Sure, sure, it would probably be more fair to pick one of the teams from the Atlantic rather than pick on UNC, but that's what you get when you lose a gigantic lead on an Atlantic team right before this question is asked. Honestly, that whole program has been running around with empty cups. It goes like this. They claim they have all the talent to beat the world every preseason, get off to a decently-appearing start, start to blow in October and then in one resounding murmur, ask "is it basketball season yet?" You know, maybe Davis will get the job done there. But, probably not, at least not when facing teams like Tech, VPI, and Miami every season.

5.) Bob Griese wants to take you and Juan Pablo Montoya out for tacos.
Where's the best joint in town?

We're college students mainly but we still understand a quality burrito. When we have a few dollar bills in our pockets, we head straight to the Bonegarden Cantina on Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard where the food is excellente! (Dane:Bone Garden. Autentico, por favor. Y muy delicioso. Muchos sopes y margaritas. AYIIIII!). For those of you that live in Atlanta, Bone Garden was started by the same folks who own The Vortex Grill which has the best burgers in the city. However, when the appropriate time comes and you want to get smashed off of margaritas, head to the El Amigo in the Kroger Shopping Center off of Howell Mill road. The beer and liquor is cheap and the ID check is minimal, not that we'd know of course....

All comments welcome including your favorite Mexican watering hole or favorite bar period.