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Who is worse? Big 12 North or ACC Atlantic

It's a danceoff between the Big 12 North and the ACC Atlantic for Worst Division in I-A Football. Neither division has a ranked team. The North is 2-6 against the top heavy South while the Atlantic is a measly 2-7 against the ACC Coastal. The only currently ranked team that fell victim to either division is the #15 Pittsburgh Panthers who were upset by NC State. In fact, the two divisions are 1-7 against currently ranked opponents.

Let's look at the two divisions even more. Between the two, they've played 44 out of conference teams. Eleven are I-AA's so excluding them the ACC Atlantic and Big 12 North have a 17-16 out of conference record. Now, let's pull out the non-BCS teams and we're talking about an amazing 4-10 record against BCS opponents, which includes wins over Duke, Illinois, Stanford, and the aforementioned Pitt.

What got me started on this rant was a chat message by Jeff (formerly of Ramblin' Racket). The message said something to the effect of, "Kansas State could win the Big 12 North and not be bowl elligible." This concept peaked my interest and I wanted to create this scenario.

Basically, he's correct. Kansas State could be a Co-Champ of the North but they would be shutout by the Big 12 Tiebreaker Rules. Here is what I think will be required for there to be a bowl ineligible Big 12 North Co-Champion:

1. Texas, TTU, OU, and OKSU win out their remaining Big 12 North Games.
2. Kansas State loses out.
3. Baylor or TAMU drop 1 game combined to either Mizzou/Nebraska or Iowa St./Colorado.
4. All Big 12 North teams finish with 3-5 Conference Records.

And there you have it a 5-7 Kansas State taking home a piece of the Big 12 North Championship Pizza. It looks like a huge statistical long shot but it's also very possible with the consistency seen from the Big 12 North this season. A 6-way tie would also draw a lot of negative publicity away from the ACC.

Edit: A KSU fan pointed out that the two I-AA teams on KSU's schedule really hinder the Wildcats' shot at bowl eligibility. A 6-6 Wildcats squad would still not be allowed in a bowl game. There are a lot more scenarios now, after further review, than I initially thought.