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Quick and random thoughts post-Hooville



Dane's face sums it up.

The game was wet. It was cold. We had two buses (yes TWO!) buses break down on us in Charlottesville. But yet, the experience was glorious and I'll never trade it in for anything else. When I go to football games and whether I am drinking or not, the game is a blur to me. Probably because I put so much emotion into the game, things just escape me. I have no watched the game beyond the 1st quarter on my DVR quite yet but here are some quick thoughts.

  • 34-9. Thirty-four to FREAKING 9! The Cavs only had the ball for 17 minutes. You can't win games when you can't touch the ball.
  • Watching the players run out with the "Team Goals" sign makes me prideful. They know their priorities and I love it.
  • "All the way Turrnnt Up!".  Way to go GT fans as you made it on the TV with your voices.
  • Every minute you watch Jon Dwyer touch the ball, cherish it. You won't see him back next year.
  • Josh Nesbitt = MVP
  • How's that ACC lead taste?!



The weekend was surely a memorable one. The charter bus dropped us off in the pouring rain and then promptly broke down as we waited for 2 hours for it after the game but it was all good once we found the local watering holes. In a continuing series of unfortunate events, the replacement bus also broke down. So, what does a group of college students do in Charlottesville, VA after checking out of the hotel? Tailgate and drink. Thanks to Sunday beer sale laws, we found our solace in brew. And it was a good day for that.

Finally, the bus picked us up, and we arrived back in Atlanta at 3AM. I did not go to class this morning.