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Schedule Issues - Don't buy your Tix to Tampa, yet

There are a few issues we should look at before buying our tickets to Tampa. Most of these issues revolve around schedule difficulty. We've got two scrappy Carolinian teams ahead of us that will not go quietly in the night. VT and GT've got the following schedule ahead of them:


VT's ACC slate is terrible BUT they've got to win twice as many games as us just to have a shot. I'd put their odds at winning out to be about 40% versus ours should be in the high 60's. Miami obviously is still in it but they're hanging on by a thread. I kinda want to believe Miami is going to some incredibly obscure bowl now. We'll see.

Thankfully, our ACC slate will be done by November 15th and we have two weeks to prepare for the ball-lickers. I really want to destroy them this year and I think our Halloween matchup with Vandy will be a good indicator for the pending uga matchup.

Thoughts are welcome on the remainder of the schedule.