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Week 7 Blog Poll, Ranked #12 StyleZ

We shot up a 5 spot in the Blog Poll up to #12. The highest rank we received was #6 by And the Valley Shook and Eagle in ATL. The lowest ranking we received was #15 from four blogs including an ACC brethren (sad face).

Our blog poll map didn't change much. Kansas' blogs totally dropped out of the voting this week making 6 states with I-A teams that were not represented in the Week 7 blog poll. The map goes from good (red) to better (brown) to really good (blue) to AWESOME SUPER COOL (yellow):


The average voter had us at around 11th but Oregon and LSU just barely edged us out. If we had received votes from one kinda messed up vote, we would've probably been #11 or higher. Also of interest, we were one of only ten voters out of ninety that voted for the Vandals.