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VPI Reflections: The Magnitude, Ramblin' Reck, and Goalposts

Reck Driver Celebration
Reck Driver Celebration

From Heather Dinich:

This crowd just got louder than anything I've heard in Lane Stadium this fall. Add a little hip-hop to a Derrick Morgan-led defense, and the Jackets are head bobbin' and the fans are on their feet. This crowd was slow to show up, but the crowd has finally become a factor in this stadium.

I honestly don't know how to start or where to begin with this entry...simply too many things are running through my head as I write this thinking about Saturday. But here goes...

I ran into multiple former Reck Drivers yesterday and every single one of them said something along the lines of "Soak this up. I never had a game like this to ride out to." Nothing like pressure right? At the end of the game, the 2003 Driver looked at me, gave me a hug, and yelled "YOU LUCKY BASTARD!". Yes, I am lucky, fortunate, and humbled to have this role for 2009. I'd post a video of the 1st half ride out but only pictures were taken. I'll tell you this, I have never heard the stadium that loud and that electric all year. It is something that I will never forget.

The post-game was something that a person sees on TV and thinks: "I would love to be a part of that just once." Well, we were all a part of that in some fashion. We had old people dancing in the stands! As the Reck followed the goalpost down 10th street, it was President Peterson who took the charge and finished the procession. When we quieted down for just a quick minute, it was President Peterson who yelled out to the crowd: "How 'Bout them Jackets?!" When the small saws were not properly cutting the goalpost, it was President Peterson who quickly powered up his own personal electric saw and cut off the first piece.  If they had not realized it yet, the Peterson's are adored by the student body and begins with the acts of service and interaction they have given to every one of us. I eventually found Dane at the President's house with a huge grin that was shared by the thousands of students standing in the front lawn where we quickly began a rendition of the fight song and The Good Word. It was a great homecoming game that I can only imagine could compare to the 1998 homecoming game against Virginia that also saw the goalposts come down.

All those years in the past where we had season-defining games and we had a chance to thrust ourselves into the national spotlight have been redeemed. Not gone or forgotten, but those losses can be pleasantly overlooked. The difficult part of our schedule is now over. But now, we begin to face a different test, a curse of sorts. The infamous "trap" game. The game in Charlottesville where we have not won since 1990. The remaining teams on our schedule will not go away quietly and we surely have not arrived. Physically we made it through the meat of our schedule and physically we have what it takes to finish the season strong and unscathed. But mentally, what does the team do? How will they react? One hurdle was lept this past Saturday. We now have a curse to break.

Here are some videos from Saturday that I hope you all enjoy! Listen to that crowd!