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Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept

Do you feel that?

That's right, it is a new era in Georgia Tech football. That buzz from last year has settled in as the norm. The anticipation surrounding this game is incredible. I've never seen Tech fans so excited to see their Yellow Jackets play. We haven't 'arrived' yet, but we all know that Paul Johnson is the real deal, and Tech football has changed forever because of him.

We are the best team in the state. Hell, we still may be the best team in the ACC, we don't know yet. Be a part of this new era. You have survived this nearly meaningless week and now can begin completely preparing for the cataclysm that will occur tomorrow night on Grant Field. Here are your orders:


1. Tailgate, and do it right. Tech is not known for it's tailgating and that perception needs to change immediately. That change can begin with you. Really, it's just like kindergarten. Get to know your neighbors Bring enough to share. Give a beer to a poor college kid (ok, you didn't do that in kindergarten, but you get the drift). Be nice to everyone, even Hokie fans - after you make fun of them, of course. Believe me, the few hours you spent sitting around doing literally nothing but eating, drinking and playing will be the best hours you spend all week.


2. Wear Gold. White is also acceptable. But under no circumstances should navy be the dominant color of your garb. I know, it's tempting because the weather is turning cold. DON'T GIVE IN. WEAR YOUR GOLD.


3. If you don't know the fight songs, learn them. Both of them. Bonus points for learning the Alma Mater.


4. Be in your seat early. There will be paratroopers parachuting into the stadium at 5:45, so I'd suggest getting there at 5:30. Coach Johnson specifically mentioned in this radio show this week that fans need to be in the stands early. This is like church. Come on time, or feel super guilty when the preacher gives you the evil eye for slipping into the back row 15 minutes after the service starts.


5. BE LOUD. LOUD. LOUDER. If you are students - the team meets at 20 minutes before the start of the game. They are directly under the North stands. They can hear you. Get crazy. If we are on defense - DO NOT STOP MAKING NOISE. I was on the field for the Clemson game, and was completely taken aback by how loud the field is, even when the stands aren't roaring. I want people to be worried that Bobby Dodd Stadium is going to collapse because the stands are going insane. If you are going to lose your voice, break a blood vessel in your eye, and get a migraine from screaming so loudly, this is the game to do so.