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VT Preview Part III: The Game

Pop quiz, hotshot! What do the following quarterbacks have in common? Philip Rivers, Charlie Whitehurst, Kyle Wright, Mike Schneider, and Matt Schaub. Well, they all played and lost at Georgia Tech homecoming. Tyrod Taylor, welcome to quarterback Hell!

I don't really wanna delve too much more into Virginia Tech as I've already previewed the offense and defense. You can read both previews again if you like or even some insight from the Hokie guest blogger here.

The primary focus for this preview relates to GT's precarious situation. We're in a lose-lose-win situation. We need to win because we need to be in the ACC title hunt. A loss shuts us out of Tampa and any shot at the Orange Bowl. A loss also relegates us to the Nutty Tire Bowl in Goober, North Carolina. Losing is not an option. A win, however, puts Miami back in the title hunt because Miami and VT both have garbage schedules for the rest of the season. 'Cane fans are definitely pulling for Old Tech.

The negative of a GT win, as far as the ACC front office should be concerned, is that a GT victory ends any shot of two BCS teams coming from the ACC. I think Miami is the only team with enough curb appeal to make the BCS without winning the ACCCG. GT and VT are shut out if they don't win the ACC. Hence, the Swoff is gonna be pulling for VT big time to get his two Big East steals into the BCS. We'll see. It'd be hard for the BCS not to take college football's greatest villain and they'll have to take VT when VT destroys an Atlantic pupa.

So in short, let's SCREW THE ACC! Let's win this game. Send the Hokies back to Blacksburg in a hearse and just hope Miami drops one to Clemson. F the Hokies. F Hokie Stone. F Beamer and Foster and the old running backs coach. To Hell with VPI.

Bird: GT wins in a super penalty-laden game 'cause the ACC is pulling for VT, 28-17.

Winfield: Yet again we face a game that will define our season. Do we roll over like we've done in the not-so-distant past? Or do we take the game, take the season, take the victory? Paul Johnson is our coach and goes for the jugular and goes for the win. We will witness an ACC Classic tomorrow.  GT 35, VPI 31 because we don't kick field goals.

Dane: This will b e a knock-down, drag-out, rollercoaster of a game. Expect one team to lead by 2 touchdowns at one point. Expect blood. Expect the offense to Hulk out and explode. Expect members of our defense to come through when needed on two or three huge plays that put us in control of the game. Expect to fall in love with CPJ all over again. Expect GT 31 - VPI 27.