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The Bottom Line

The following was taken from the 1990s Georgia Southern Eagles Option Offense Playbook. The section about quarterbacks begins with the title: The Bottom Line.

    Three questions can be asked about a quarterback prospect to determine if the prospect is an option quarterback. When the three questions are answered with a "yes" than more likely the prospect can be an option quarterback. He may not be a Colorado or and Air Force style quarterback, but, he can run the option effectively to win football games.

    The first question is, regardless of athletic ability, does the prospect have the willingness to get off the ground after a "big hit", call the same play and run it aggressively? If the answer is "yes" he has the mental and physical toughness to be and option quarterback. Mental and physical toughness is the quarterback's ability to remain posed, confident, determined, and courageous regardless of what happens on the field, or off the field. Mental and physical toughness, not sheer athletic ability is the key ingrediant in a winning quarterback. A quarterback who has average athletic ability and endowed with mental and physical toughness is more likely to win than a quarterback with excellent athletic ability and marginal toughness.

    The second question, does the quarterback have enough athletic ability (speed, quickness, balance) to run for a first down on a third and seven when the defense forces the quarterback to carry the ball on an option play? If the answer is "yes" the quarterback can be an effective option quarterback.

    The third question, does the prospect have the willingness to be an option quarterback? For the answer to be "yes" the quarterback prospect must be willing to execute option plays, not just tolerate running the option.



The ideal option quarterback is:

1. A young man who is mentally and physically tough.
2. A young man who cares.
3. A young man who is a threat as a runner and a good medium range passer
4. A young man who can concentrate for extended periods of time
5. A young man who is able to respond to defensive pressures to prevent lost yardage plays, turnovers, or the play that can lose the team a game
6. A young man who makes decision and lives with those decisions
7. A young man who strives to develop as a sound fundamental player in both phases of the offense, run and pass
8. A young man who is a student of the game with the ability to recognize and understand defenses to make the pre-snap reads to judge the intent of the defense before the ball is snapped
9. A young man who is a student of the game who can understand the play selections used in the "check with me" (audibles) phase of the offense


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