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ACC Roundtable: Half-way Home

This week's roundtable is brought to you by Jim Young of You can also follow him on twitter @ACCSports. Bird took the time out of his "busy work day" to get these answers pumped out.


1) Most of the ACC has now reached the halfway point of its season. On
a scale of 1 (I’m rounding up pitchforks, torches and a mob to storm
the football office) to 10 (I’m selling of organs to raise money for a
statue of the coach) how do you feel about your team’s performance
thus far?

I'd say GT fans are at a modest 7 out of 10.  We half expected to lose a game by now but the way we lost to Miami was incredibly embarrassing.  We definitely would prefer to be undefeated heading into this VT game but most Tech fans were unsure about both games South of the Okefenokee this year.

2) Give me the best case scenario for your team the rest of the way.
Then give me the worst case.

Best case scenario is obviously a GT win out and a Miami loss giving GT the tie breaker over VT.  Then, we beat the dogs bad in ATL.  For the finale, we'd like to take an Atlantic team to the woodshed and earn our first Orange Bowl birth since Steve Spurrier was a quarterback. Get it? SS played us in the '67 Orange Bowl.

Worst case scenario is a loss to VT and a loss to Georgie.  We are eliminated from ACC title contention and are relegated to a Bumble's Tire Bowl in Goober, North Carolina.

Because it’s my turn to host the roundtable and I like fantasy
football, I’m going to ask a few questions with that theme. First,
you’re in an ACC keeper league. Which three players on your team do
you designate as keepers for next season? (Obviously this rules out
seniors, except for Riley Skinner, who I assume has six more years of
eligibility remaining)

First off, I'd go with Christian Ponder because he is consistently putting up monster passing yardage. Secondly, I'd go with Anthony Allen 'cause he's going to be GT's feature back in 2010 (with the assumed departure of Dwyer).  Third, and also a huge if would be Demaryius "Bay Bay" Thomas from GT (if he doesn't go pro this year).  You can't beat Bay Bay's stats and with the Paul Johnson option, he can't be double covered.

4) Let’s do the reverse of this, with coaches. You’re  forced to drop
one member of your team’s coaching staff. Who gets the axe? (Head
coaches or assistant coaches are eligible here)

Dave Wommack. Period.

5) Let’s say the rest of the ACC is available via free agency. Who’s
the one  player from the other 11 teams that you’d most like to add to
your squad?

 I'd pick up Torrey Smith from Maryland so that GT had two weapons at wide receiver.  And he'd be a helluva addition for our woeful kick returns.  We would have the most potent offense in college football bar none.

Finally, we’ll stage a mock draft of ACC quarterbacks. Who are you
taking with the first pick, and why? And who would you get stuck with
if you had to pick No. 12?

6) Since this isn't fantasy and stats are kinda irrelevant, I'd take Josh Nesbitt.  No one has more heart than he does at QB in the ACC.  There are guys that put up ridiculous passing stats and guys that run around like a chicken with their head cut but JN is the man with the plan.  By senior year, he'll be putting up a ton of passing and rushing yardage  The eye in the sky don't lie. #12 would be the 25 year old freshman from Boston College that had the worst passer rating in 10 years of college football.