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Homecoming Week! The Freshman Cake Race


You learned about the Mini-500 yesterday. But it's not Georgia Tech's one and only unique tradition that happens during homecoming. Today, we'll talk about the Freshman Cake Race. Once again, we look toward the T-Book.

The Freshman Cake Race originated in 1911 as a mandatory race for all first year students. In 1913, the women affiliated with Georgia Tech started baking cakes for the winners of the race, resulting in the descriptive if not creative "Freshman Cake Race" title. Today, the race takes place well before sunrise on the morning of Homecoming, and stretches approximately one half mile from Russ Chandler Stadium to Bobby Dodd Stadium. While no longer mandatory, all freshmen are strongly encouraged to race and participate in one of Georgia Tech’s oldest traditions. Cakes are still given to the winners in addition to receiving an on-field kiss from Mr. or Ms. Georgia Tech during half-time of the Homecoming football game. For the hundreds of freshmen who do not manage to win the race, cupcakes are provided by faculty and other students.

The cake race has changed quite a bit since it's early inception but it continues to be run to this day. This week's race will take place at approximately 6AM at the baseball stadium.



Any Cake Race stories out there?