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This Is No Longer Football. It Is War.


Yes, it's a stupid name for a stupid team with a stupid fanbase that has stupid faces. And stupid moms. (Burn.)

You need to tell them that. You need to tell them that over and over again. You need to scream it from the top of your lungs for a full 60 minutes. You need to scream it every time Tyrod Taylor looks like he is trying to do something constructive in the huddle or the sideline. That's right, we aren't just trying to screw up snap counts for this game. We are going to launch a multilateral sonic assault on these bastards.

You need to remind every Hokie that you see, especially ones that are wearing football helmets, that they are in Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field. It is the winningest grounds in college football. Nobody has played on the same patch of grass on their campus longer than we have. Tech is a haven for tradition, and Coach Paul Johnson is determined to uphold the ultimate Tech tradition - victory. It is Homecoming. It is our day. It is our victory to take.

I will continue to remind you how important this game is the rest of this week. However, as you go about your menial, unimportant business, remember that you have one duty this week. That duty is to be at Bobby Dodd Stadium before kickoff, welcoming our team back from a shootout for the ages, and cheering as hard as they will play.

To Hell With georgia. But most importantly, BEAT THE HOKIES!