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FSU Postgame: Thoughts after Tally

Jonathan Dwyer and Demaryious Thomas celebrate after Dwyer's long touchdown run.
Jonathan Dwyer and Demaryious Thomas celebrate after Dwyer's long touchdown run.

Well, everyone can agree that the game on Saturday was entertaining and exciting. Even the weather delay had its forms of fun. From a gigantic wave throughout the stadium that suddenly stopped and then reversed, to playing around with Buzz and dollar bills on the pylons, we had fun. My view from the 1st row of the stadium was slightly hindered and I couldn't watch play development easily but here are some thoughts.

The 'Noles had no idea how to stop our offense and could not adjust to the attack as we put up consistent points in all quarters (14, 14, 14, 7). Three players (Nesbitt, Dwyer, and Allen) ran for more than 80 yards each and everyone who touched the ball averaged a run of greater than 5 yards. Our passing efficiency numbers increased as well in three receivers who averaged double-digit reception yards. The Wreckbone is flexing and just like last year, it getting better with age as the season progresses.

Defensively,we could still be a mess. We gave up 35 points at the half (national television means our opponents get spotted 35 points automatically) and our defense looked bad. Christian Ponder had a career half, passed for 4 TDs and 267 yards, and picked apart our secondary. Then the 2nd half adjustment came in [hopefully] the form of Paul Johnson slapping Dave Wommack and telling him to get it together. Only 9 points were scored by the Seminoles in the second half and the offensive attack by Ponder was hindered. It's funny how you pick up certain things and then miss others when in attendance. It was quite a significant adjustment put on by our defense for the 2nd half and I tip my hat to them all. Dave Wommack, you aren't out of the woods yet, but impressive switch.

Player of the game goes yet again to Josh Nesbitt. His leadership and ability to carry the team on the back was Hamilton-esque. What he did that night was something Lil' Joe could never do. The play where he ripped the ball back after the bad pitch could easily be the play of the year for the Yellow Jackets. Nesbitt is the most under-appreciated piece of the Georgia Tech offense, but yet he is our most valuable piece. Without him, we lose to Clemson and quite possibly the 'Noles.

What they're saying around the blogosphere:

Tomahawk Nation

This game shouldn't surprise anyone because there were plenty of signs that we could not defend Paul Johnson's offense, and our offense is run by a smart young man who is playing better than most anyone. It was a shootout, and both teams had a shot. GT took advantage of their possessions better than we did. That is how it goes sometimes.

If you are one that likes a lot of offense, then you got your monies worth with over 1,000 combined yards and 93 total points scored. On the other hand, if you are one that leans towards a defensive kind of game, right about now you are requesting a refund. Don’t hold your breath however.

Heather Dinich

Emotion can't overcome X's and O's. It's not like Florida State didn't play with heart against Georgia Tech. It's not like quarterback Christian Ponder didn't play well enough to win. It's not like the Seminoles gave up. They played with a purpose and for their head coach, Bobby Bowden. But those qualities couldn't overcome a lack of adjustments, missed tackles or missed assignments on defense. Paul Johnson's offense has proven time and time again it's not a 3-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust philosophy. It's got big-play capabilities and FSU learned that the hard way Saturday night

Double Extra Point

Anyone else notice the empty seats in Tallahassee last night for the Georgia Tech game?  When former CNNSI contributor Jenn Sterger tweets - "Bobby Bowden refusin 2 step down is like when ur grandparents refuse 2 give up their car keys. We luv u, just tired of u crashing into [stuff]!" - you know thing are escalating quickly. Bowden looks lost on the sidelines - at least throw a fake headset on.  Also, I couldn't be happier with the way things are going in Lincoln right now with Pelini, but does anyone else wonder what it might be like if we hired Paul Johnson and his absolutely unstoppable triple option?  I love watching Georgia Tech play.  Great, great hire and possibly the coach that put the nail in Bowden's coffin.

Bring on the Hokies!