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Blog Poll Map for Week 4

Here we go again. GT is unranked in the CBS blog poll for week 4. We are "27th" at the moment in the blog poll. For the most part, everyone just unranked UNC and left us out completely. However, some people thought we did pretty good bringing us up from the unwashed hordes. 16 pollsters ranked us who didn't last week. Not too shabby. That still leaves 46 voters out of 102 unsure of GT, which left us out of the Top 25 party. If you wanna see last week's Miami debacle map, here it is. This week the ranking ranges are a little bit better. Yellow states ranked us from 16th to 21.67th, blue states ranked us from 21.86th to 24th, brown states ranked us from 24.25th to 25.33th, and red states didn't rank us at all.


An interesting facts about this week's blog poll was that several bloggers decided to lower our ranking after we blasted UNC. Blog Poll main man mgoblog and Mizzourah dropped us 5 spots for winning. The biggest GT Kool-Aid drinker was Joe Cribb's Car Wash who picked up GT's feces, dusted it off, deep fried it, and served it to UNC this past weekend. Joe Cribb's ranked us 14 after leaving us unranked last week.

Also, Virginia is now the only state to remain a Yellow State since preseason as New Jersey fell into "second-tier friend status" for week 4.