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Winning Percentages through the decades

A friend of mine sent me this about 2 days ago. What can you pick out of these graphs?

Bobby Dodd: 1945-1966
Bud Carson: 1967-1971
Bill Fulcher: 1972-1973
Pepper Rodgers: 1974-1979
Bill Curry: 1980-1986
Bobby Ross: 1987-1991
Bill Lewis: 1992-1994
George O'Leary: 1995-2001
Chan Gailey: 2002-2007
Paul Johnson: 2008-Present

From 1904-1966, Georgia Tech was a dominant force in college football. The Yellow Jackets had just three coaches during that span and looked to be the "Notre Dame of the South" (yes, that used to be a compliment). Since that time, the Jackets have gone through 9 head coaches in search for the one to bring us back to glory.