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News Blitz and Random Links

The AJC blows. Therefore the Macon Telegraph gets all my attention thanks to Coley Harvey. Here's what he's been talking about if you don't read him (which you should all be doing).

Random Georgia Tech Summer Thoughts:

  • HT to Tomahawk Nation yesterday as he found this link from Dave Wommack discuss the rover LB position, AKA "The Wolf". He wrote this back at USM. Would strongly s
  • The Ramblin' Reck is back on campus a few weeks of maintenance work in a local body shop. A pair of bright LED taillights has just been added.
  • Nikki Meyer is on campus, though she has not been spotted. I will buy someone a Junior's chicken finger plate for whoever gets me a picture.
  • Mickey Andrews talks GT Offense
  • F4H at GobblerCountry tells a "journalist" to stick it and that offensive lines still DO MATTER
  • cgb at CollegeGameBalls gives you 2004-2008 wins and losses statistics for every team in cfb over the past few years. Do you like statistics? I do! Click here to check it out. FYI, GT averages 7.8 wins and 5 losses over the past 5 years.
And finally, since Dane dropped the ball on the Girls of UNC on Friday (He's crazy busy with the T-Book), here's a little Longhorn Love. Apparently they got new turf for their football field. I'm not sure, I got a little distracted:

Expect the "Girls of...." series to be back on Friday. UNC will not be skipped. Rest assured of that my friends. Good day to you all!