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Jon "D-Train" Dwyer??

Jonathan Dwyer took part in a live chat today over on If you were like me and missed it, I have copied the chat from the original page for your viewing pleasure.

Timmy (Norcross): How do you compare yourself with Tashard Choice?
Jonathan: Good morning everyone! Our energy level is similar. Tashard is more of an elusive back. I learned a lot from Tashard and I'm glad he's doing well.
Derek Bloodworth Milledgeville Ga.: CONGRATULATIONS on last season and ACC PLAYER of the YEAR !! D-TRAIN ? DIESEL ? What is your NICKNAME ?
Jonathan: I like "D-Train". I know they used "Diesel" in the media guide, but I like "D-Train" better.
allen robinson (Atlanta): I know it is a while away, but haev you thought about the NFL and when do you plan to enter?
Jonathan: I think everyone who plays college football dreams of playing in the NFL one day. And I know this sounds cliche', but I am really just focused on this season and helping the team in 2009.
Ed, Atlanta: where is your weight and speed compared to end of regular season '08?
Jonathan: Right now I weigh 227. I probably weighed around 230, in the low 230s, at the end of last season. My speed has improved from last season.
Eric, Macon: JD, The sports media outlets are saying our Offensive Line has a lot of question marks, but Coach Johnson says its one of the most improved areas of our team. How do you think the OL will play this year compared to last year?
Jonathan: By being in the system for a second year, they have better knowledge of what's going on. I saw some real improvement this past spring.
JT (Charlottesville VA): Jon, do you or the other backs ever take your O-Line out for dinner? Feed the guys who open holes for you kind of thing? Good luck this fall. (And please win on Oct 24 up here)
Jonathan: I took them out to dinner once last season and they almost burned a hole in my pocket. I took out Claytor and Gilbert. They ate a tremendous amount of food.
K-Dogg: Hey Jonathan! Counting down the days until toe meets leather! What player who redshirted last year do you expect to make the biggest impact in 2009?
Jonathan: I would say its between Jerrard Tarrant and Richard Watson. Richard gives us another talented back who will really help us out, make us more versatile in the backfield.
Shubs Virk: Yo Jon as your friend since your senior of high school can I have your game worn jersey? PLEASE :) lol
Jonathan: No! (laughing) I think that might be an NCAA violation.
Allen (Atlanta): Jon, what are your personal goals this season? I know the team wants to win championships, but I am interested if you had any numbers, awards, or accomplishments that you had your eyes on.
Jonathan: To become a better leader and to be the best player that I can be; to help us win an ACC Championship.
Kevin (Smyrna): Hey JD! Following last year's ACC Player of the Year season, obviously expectations are higher for both you and the team. How are you guys dealing with the added pressure of being one of the preseason favorites in the ACC?
Jonathan: Honestly, we haven't thought too much about any pressure. We are just working hard to reach our goals this fall.
Scott (Atlanta): With so many options at A-Back and B-Back this year, what combination of personnel in the backfield are you excited about taking the field with -or- what combination do you see really causing problems for defenses and why? Really looking forward to watching y'all this season and good luck!
Jonathan: I don't think it matters what combination we have on the field, with the talent we have, any of those combinations can cause problems for the opponent.
Ben (Atlanta): So D-Train, what game has you most worried right now?
Jonathan: Not worried about any one game in particular, just excited. Excited about all the games, but especially our ACC opponents.
Drew (Loganville): What is your favorite memory from the past couple of seasons?
Jonathan: Probably our running back meetings from my freshman year. Why? We had Tashard Choice in those meetings. Enough said. Mike Cox was also in there.

On the field, probably beating Georgia this past season.
John(lake lanier): Anything fans don't know about you that they should?
Jonathan: I sleep with my eyes open. Roddy (Jones) came and talked to me in my room one time and talked to me for 30 minutes, not realizing I was alseep.

I've got time for one more question.
Jamie Wheeler Louisville GA: Is it true that we only saw about 40% of the playbook last year?
Jonathan: Yes. We'll see more of it this year, but I'm not sure how much.

OK, one last question. For real.
Tom, Roswell: Great season last year, and I'm looking forward to 2009. Has anyone asked you what the good word is yet? :-)
Jonathan: To hell with Georgia!

THANKS to everyone who sent in a question today. You guys really asked great questions -- better than we get from the media sometimes :)

I hope to see everyone in BDS September 5th when we open the season.