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Dream Neutral Site Matchups

Notre Dame is set to play Army at Yankees Stadium in 2010. Notre Dame is also slated to play Navy in Ireland in 2012. Rumors are abounding that Tech will play Notre Dame at the GA Dome in the near future.

If I had to choose 10 dream matchups in neutral sites, here's the list in no particular order:

10. Army (Yankees Stadium) -- Army still owes us a I-A game and I would love to visit the new stadium.
9. Texas Tech (Cowboys Stadium) -- We could help sell a chunk of the 80,000 seats but TTU would have to step up
8. Tennessee (The Coliseum) -- This place would be solid orange but it would be cool to visit Nashville for a real game...just kidding Vandy fans.
7. Navy (The Linc) -- Navy only holds 34,000 seats. This game would require more seating due to sheer interest from both parties, in my opinion.
6. Tulane (The Superdome) -- Notice a trend in visiting metro areas with accessability and night life?
5. Illinois (Soldier Field) -- Nothing'd be cooler than playin' the Zooker in Chi-Town.
4. ECU (Bank of America Stadium) -- A visit to Charlotte is never a bad thing.
3. Michigan State/Michigan (Ford Field) - Bring on the Michiganders. Hell, let's play both teams at the same time and then catch a Lions game the next day.
2. Notre Dame (FedEx Field) -- A modern football version of the Civil War fought on the Mason Dixon Line.
1. Bama (Legion Field) -- Reminds me of epic matchups with Bear in the 60's.