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2009 CFN Preview for GT is Up

CFN Preview
College Football News has posted their annual review of GT. Previews for the offense, defense, and depth chart are also up. Same basic stuff you always hear. I like reading about the OL, corners, and DL since those are really the only position battles we'll probably see this year.

Player News
Roddy says he'll be ready for football season. Austin Barrick talks about the 3 feet he couldn't get.

Facebook Message of the Year
I posted this on my brother's facebook yesterday 'cause he works at a pet store part time: "Do y'all have any indestructible dog toys? [My girlfriend's] got covered in glass when a drive-by shot up her house. She has two Jack Russells." Totally true and totally weird in retrospect. So now my car windows have been busted out and my gf's house has been shot up. What's next South Carolina?

Thoughts on the CFN Preview are welcome. Any glaring criticisms of an otherwise blah preview?