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Two years removed

Two years ago on this date an accident happened that made national news and delivered my favorite one liner, "It's like saying you can get another wife to replace your wife, because she's a woman." I vividly remember everything from the smoking wreck of a Ford Expedition to the actual ride out on September 8th.

In general, the experience is a lot more fun to reflect upon than actually partake of but I guess that's how most traumatic experiences go. Anyways, if you'd like to help out the kids that are still running the Ramblin' Reck, click here. Every bit is appreciated.

And in keeping with last week's theme, I actually have met an ESPN sideline reporter. Stacey Dales was at the 2007 BC game in ATL and said I'd be interviewed if we could make the game close. Alas, Tater Biscuit was no match for Matty Ice. So no interview.

And for those seeking more media-ness, here's a bunch of Youtube clips.