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Tuesday Linkage

The crime rate is soaring around the GT campus. Makes sense. There are no low-skill jobs 'cause NO ONE is hiring. Ask my little brother. Hence, burglary (a low-skill job) is becoming more and more prevalent. My window got busted out at the local Japanese steakhouse about 2 weeks ago (in Flo-town). I didn't have anything in the car but let it be a warning to you all. Make sure you keep your I-pods and change in your pockets, not your console, when you leave your car for Hibachi.

Congrats to David Duval for finishing Second in the U.S. Open. Duval is now $559,830 richer. Of course, that's before taxes.

Also, the Yankees come to ATL this week along with Tech great Mark Teixeira. The guy is a diesel. I wish he had stayed with the Braves. And since I like to combine Wieters with Teixeira as a general rule, here's a good AJC article about Baltimore-Wieters-mania.

source Yahoo!/AP