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Sorry Heather, you've lost me


Really, Heather? Really? Spiller? We have to wait for Dwyer to prove he is consistent, while Spiller has proved to be consistently worse every year? Give me a break.


"First, let's see Dwyer sustain his success now that defensive coordinators have had an off-season to really key in on him and Georgia Tech's offensive scheme. Dwyer is a more complete pure runner than No. 1, but he's not as versatile."

If she puts Tyrod Taylor there... I don't know what to say. I think she's wrong, but it will be easily remedied once we win the Coastal title this year.

However, her comments make me believe that she is going to name an overrated running back, whose offensive output has declined every year he has played, to the #1 spot.

But who knows, she may end up putting Nesbitt... maybe? Maybe? Maybe she can redeem herself still.