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Some Wednesday Linkage

Coley Harvey continues to be a solid Georgia Tech beat writer. In a time when the AJC is floundering and they can't find a reporter who 1) the readers are satisfied with and 2) who actually seems interested in what he's writing, Coley goes above and beyond. He's on twitter (@macontechtalk) and he has his own GT blog where he throws in his thoughts and quotes from GT notables. He also didn't go to UGA to get his degree. No, he did a little better than that school east of us. He attended that school up North in the Big 10. That's right, Northwestern. But don't think of him as a Yankee. Coley is from Middle Georgia. The guy is good.

Back on track...The Peach State Pigskin Preview was in Macon yesterday at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame where Coley got some good quotes from Paul Johnson on Josh Nesbitt, Media Guides, and the SEC.

One more article from Coley discussing Bill Curry and Paul Johnson adding to the state's football legacy.

Finally, I'll throw a link the AJC's way because I like this quote from CPJ as it becomes clear he is tired of defending his offense:

There’s no special secret way to line up and say ‘Oh my god, now they can’t run.’ They’ll put nine people in the box. OK, go ahead. You’re not going to line up something we haven’t seen in 26 years. You might beat us, but I highly doubt it’s because of the way you line up."