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Reverend Richt crying dawgy tears

Call this man a waaahmbulance.

I think he might be choking on his waaaahmburger and french cries.

Seriously, suck it up, Richt. You got donkey punched last year because the 'Bama lines were much, much better than yours, and they orchestrated an offense that made you look like a peewee team and had you cussin' at halftime.

Traveling to and from Tempe had nothing to do with it. Teams like Miami have always had to travel like that, and it has never stopped them from succeeding at the highest levels. Ok. State did not lose when it last visited Athens because they traveled so far, it's because they were playing a better team. Quit being such a crybaby and focus on not having as many arrests this summer and you might do a little better.

This man doesn't know how to make excuses. You should take a lesson from the master, Richt.