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Paul Johnson's Bad-Assery

By now many of you have probably read The Birddog's post about how we beat Georgie in November. But have you read everything else the man has written? CPJ was at Navy for long enough for The Birddog to understand a lot more about his offense than many of us and every Tech fan should use his posts as an excellent resource. I have read all these links at least 3 times each, always trying to find something new to look for and pick up on. We'll start from the earliest entry.

But wait! There's more! SmartFootball dove into CPJ Bad-Assery today as well
And Orson at EDSBS gets sexy with the NCAA 2010 Flexbone

This should hopefully hold everyone over for a while. So sit down and get ready to LEARN.

Edit: Found a good article of 11 meanest dudes in CFB history. Pat Swilling made the cut.