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Now serving ball soup


It gets hot in Georgia. Really, really hot. And it just so happens that the hottest days are usually in August through the beginning of September. During this time, the Weather Channel constantly tells those who are susceptible to heat to stay in air conditioning, especially between the hours of 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

F@#& that, it's football season. Besides, heat brings out the best in the South.

That's right, Georgia Tech kicks off against the Jacksonville State Gamecocks on September 5th at 1 p.m. With a hangover-enhancing heat index that will probably push 100 degrees, the Jackets look to repeat their 41-14 victory over JSU (although last year's night Thursday night game was kind of a blessing).

Why a 1 p.m. kickoff? Honestly, probably because of the Chick-fil-A Classic season opener that pits the Crimson Tide versus the Hokies in the Georgia Dome. The two teams battle for the "WTF Does That Mean Trophy," which allows the holder to officially lay claim to the most obscure/confusing mascot-nickname combination.

Quick prediction on who come out of that game winners - we will, as we will probably be hanging out with the Hokie bloggers for that tailgate, and will finish the night by making fun of the same 'Bama fans who patroned the Cheetah that we met after the SEC Championship game. (Note that I don't bother to predict who actually wins the game - I think we will be going to the Cheetah regardless... free admission with a ticket from a sporting event!)

Anyway, other important contests happening that first weekend:


N.C. State gets a shot at revenge for last years beatdown at the hands of Sakerlina (reading too much Block-C... they berate their rivals extremely well, although it is kind of like playing tee ball). Russell Wilson and the Wolfpack host the Gamecocks this year.

Oregon (Winfield's current favorite NCAA09 team) plays at Boise. I'm excited, because seeing that blue field makes me realize we will never have to play on it again. All hail CPJ.


Winfield and I will be getting drunk with alumni at the RRC Pig Roast (yes, that means Bird as well). We will mostly ignore Tulsa vs. Tulane, then, after being sufficiently plastered and full of pig flesh, will begin to argue on which team is better with 3 minutes left in the game. This argument will prove fruitless, as the drunken ramblings and misspeaking of the team names will lead to a utterly pointless shouting match, followed by more flip cup SURVIVOR FLIP CUP.


Honestly, I will probably pass out for the afternoon portion of the day. If not, I'll admit it, I'll be watching Oklahoma State play some other team.


COLLEGE FOOTBALL ON SUNDAY. It's too much effort to click back over to the schedule right now, but it doesn't matter who is playing, because it is COLLEGE FOOTBALL ON SUNDAY.


The Sunday game was Ole Miss against Memphis, by the way.

We are going to put on clothes we wore in middle school and get super ultra excited about Miami vs. FSU. This edition of the series that I like to call "Wide Muff" (I do this after I have been drinking, when I am extremely charming and everyone loves the increase in the volume of my voice) will be an interesting watch, as we meet Miami two weeks later on national television, and play FSU at Doak-Campbell in what may be our second biggest game of the year.

My hands are shaking with child-like giddyness. Whats the countdown at now?