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NBA Draft Recap

The NBA Draft was last night but no one gave a crap because the King of Pop passed away. Talk about terrible timing for a league trying to rejuvenate its depleted fan base.

A quick conference recap shows us what conferences won in the Draft and which conferences didn't show up. The first round featured the traditional three basketball conferences leading the way with six picks (ACC, Big East, and Pac 10). 5 dudes were taken in the first that didn't go to school at all. An interesting note concerning BCS vs. Midmajor was that 21 of 30 first rounders and 17 of the 30 second rounders came from BCS schools. The Midmajors only accounted for 12 of the 60 draft picks.

Because I like to dog the SEC's complete futility outside of baseball/football/women's gymnastics, I will point out that the SEC was tied for 5th most picks with only 3 alongside the likes of the West Coast Conference, Conference USA, and the Big 12.

UNC, of course, had the most picks with 4 followed by UConn with 3, 11 schools had 2 picks, and 21 other schools were represented by at least 1 draft pick. The most represented conference was the Big East with 7 schools having at least one player drafted. The most represented conference by percentage was the Pac 10, which had 5 schools represented in the Draft or 50% of the conference.

Here's a more statistical breakdown in the following format - Rank. Conference Total Picks (First Rounders):

1. Big East - 12 Picks (6)
2. ACC - 9 Picks (6)
2. Pac 10 - 9 Picks (6)
4. Atlantic 10 - 4 Picks (0)
5. Big 12 - 3 Picks (1)
5. SEC - 3 Picks (1)
5. West Coast - 3 Picks
5. Conference USA - 3 Picks (1)
9. Big 10 - 2 Picks (1)
10. SoConn - 1 Pick (1)
10. Colonial Athletic - 1 Pick (1)

No College - 10 Picks (5)

The Big 10 IS TERRIBLE. Good God. Wanna know why they can't win the Big 10-ACC Challenge. Look at the NBA Draft. Talent is not everything but it sure doesn't hurt in hoops.

Any thoughts or chunks of info you'd like to spew at us? Michael Jackson fans may or may not be welcome depending on which era they're a fan of: 1) Rhinestone-studded-glove Thriller Era fans welcome 2) Baby swingin', Mask Wearin' Era fans not really welcome.