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Much love from HD

Heather Dinich has been counting down the ACC's Top 30 Players, and has obviously been saving the best for last. No Yellow Jackets were listed until the Top 10, with Derrick Morgan and the always badass Morgan Burnett coming in at 7th.

While last year's D-line seniors were absolutely amazing, Derrick did not look out of place. At times he was a complete machine... Florida State's line literally had to cheat their asses off to prevent him from getting a safety.

And of course, here is Morgan Burnett doing what he does best.

Now, we can expect Jon Dwyer to be listed at the top of the list... but what about Nesbitt? I don't know if he would be listed in the top 5, but I think it's kind of wrong that he was left off this list. The only justification for doing so is the amount of time he didn't play last year... if he manages to stay healthy this year and increase his output like CPJ expects, he may even out-MVP Dwyer for the season. Let's face it, Dwyer will probably see less snaps this season, but it is going to be pretty hard to replace Josh when it comes to keeping the offense humming.

What do you guys think? Will we see Nesbitt on this list? Will he be there next year?