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Know Your Head Coach Analysis

Paul Hewitt filled out a survey for He was asked mostly about his favorite foods, sports teams, etc.. Here're the highlights with commentary...

Birthdate: May 4, 1963 -- Coach Paul is 46 years old
College attended: St. John Fisher
What I watch on TV: MSNBC, Fox, CNN, ESPN, State of the Union with John King, O'Reilly Factor, Keith Olbermann, Anderson Cooper 360 -- Coach Paul is a Centrist

What music I listen to: Earl Klugh, David Sanborn, India.arie -- Coach is all about that smooth jazz/R&B

What I drive: Ford Explorer -- Way to support Detroit and America Coach Paul

Superstitions: picking up head-up pennies -- I've got this conspiracy that the government uses coin collectors as a sneaky form of deflation.

On my office walls: Ernie Barnes painting (shirts and skins), John Holston painting, family photos and basketball memorabilia

The one person I'd love to trade places with for a day: Tiger Woods, just to see what it's like to hit the golf ball like he can

My first job: Burger King on Westbury, Long Island. It lasted 13 minutes because I showed up late from basketball practice. He fired me on the spot. -- I tried to google maps this location...location not found.

My favorite meal: Lasagna or curried goat -- Curried goat looks more disgusting than it sounds. It must be a Caribbean thing.

Favorite sports team growing up: New York Yankees, New York Knicks -- I think I've always had a strong dispassion for Northern teams growing up. The Knicks, Yankees, Boston, etc.. Can't stand any of 'em. George Can't-stand-ja.

My bucket list: 1. Visit every major league baseball park, 2. Attend Wimbledon -- 3. Win a NCAA Title at Georgia least that should be on this list.