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Georgia State football

So Rivals/Yahoo! put out a very good article about the up and coming Georgia State football program. Old Tech connections include the head coach, Bill Curry, who coached the Jackets from 1980-1986 and kinda abandoned us for Bammer in 1987. Also, the offensive coordinator is none other than the man who put Tashard Choice in the shotgun formation - John Bond. Bond probably deserved more of a fair shake but there was really no place for him at Tech with the new offensive philosophy.

Personally, I'm excited to see GA State bring in a football team. I've always contested that there aren't enough I-A schools in the state for all of the I-A talent. Hence, Alabama/Mississippi/Tennessee/South Carolina/etc. are fielding talented Georgia High Schoolers. Keeping the talent in state would be nice from a GA-homer's perspective. Do I see the GA State crowd getting ramped up and into I-A by the time Bill Curry retires? Nope. If GA Southern and its ravenous fan base couldn't get into I-A yet, I don't see a school of loosely affiliated transients getting solidly behind the fball program.

Other news
*Congressmen Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee) was quoted hatin' on Paul Hewitt and Thaddeus Young stating Young's stay at Tech was a mockery of the NCAA/NBA 1-year rule. I tend to agree. Although Hewitt makes a great counterpoint saying that people leave Tech early due to their super computer skills (e.g. Chris Klaus).

*Matt Kuchar and David Duval are kickin' ass at U.S. Open sectional rounds. My recent foray into golf has made the famous Tech golf alum into points of conversation on the golf course. Here's an example of statement someone might make to me, "Man, [blah blah golfer] is doing great today in [crazy Irish-named] Open." My response, "Yeah, Stewart Cink's doing great, too." This is followed by head nodding, hand shakes, and other white-collar affirmations.

Any comments, condemnations, or general insight about GA State or Tech athletics would be appreciated.