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Georgia looking up at Tech

Doc Saturday claims that Georgie probably shouldn't feel any sort of jealousy towards Tech's preseason love due to recent history. He also mentions, however, that through the O'Leary/Johnson years, Tech and Georgie have mostly been on par. The Chan Experience really put a governor on the Tech motor and kinda slowed us up comparatively, which I generally I agree with (as do most Tech fans).

There's an interesting mood in the state though. A mood that is emanating from the East. I think a lot of dog fans are realizing Richt will never take home a big one at Georgie or at least he won't in the near future. He can recruit all the talent in the world but he doesn't have the ability (or maybe focus) to coach an entire season without a blemish (e.g. UF, Tenn, and Auburn in recent years). He reminds me of Wisconsin in the Big 10. Not flashy, 10 win seasons, and always overshadowed by more interesting teams that get to big games with big regular season wins.

Oh well. You never know. I hope Richt doesn't leave in the near future except maybe to take the FSU job. I think CPJ's got his number and is a helluva lot better coach. But with two or three more losses in a row to the Jackets I think Richt is gone.

Any thoughts.