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Forced Game 7 Tonight

Georgia Tech forces Game 7. Everything went our way yesterday as we beat both Elon and Southern Miss to stay alive. Hats off to both Mark Pope and Thomas Nichols as they came in for the early innings and went the distance.

I shouldn't have to tell you this but I'm going to. COME TO THE DAMN GAME! This is the season right here. Win or Go Home.

From Danny Hall:

"I just want to start out first thanking the fans who did show up (Sunday). I hope that they’ll go home and tell their friends what great play they saw out of the Yellow Jackets, and maybe tomorrow night.....we’ll have more fans rooting for Georgia Tech than Southern Miss had rooting for their team since we’re hosting this Regional."

Too many fans decided to give up after 1 bad game. Come back out and support the team

First pitch is 7pm at Russ Chandler Stadium

Go Jackets!

8:04 AM: Kind of a surprising move but Deck McGuire will start tonight.