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First Look at NCAA 2010

Who would have thought 2-minute quarters could be so much fun?

This past weekend was a simple one. F4H from GobblerCountry came in from Oklahoma for a few days and we showed him to drink beer that is greater than 3.2 ABV. I don't think I am allowed to complain about Georgia drinking laws anymore. The 2nd highlight of the weekend was NCAA 10's demo being downloaded on the XBox. I jotted down some quick notes in my first single player game and then my first head-to-head matchup against my friend Yancey.

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Single-Player Game

* First Thought: Freaking Sweet!
* All-American Level, I am Florida
* Computer wins toss. It doesn’t matter. The computer always picks to receive first
* Offensive and Defensive Gameplans: I need to play around with those. Kind of thrown off for a little bit
* I like the new camera angles w/ the kickoff
* Burned by player Lock! D-Lineman, camera switches, dump pass to tight end, couldn’t (or didn’t know how) to switch out of it, 60 yard touchdown. (Now I realize you can't switch out of player lock)
* Option right pitch. Tebow -> #2 Jeffrey Demps, 72 yard TD Run
* End of Q1: 7-7 game. I love these graphics!
* OU had all the time in the world. Passing TD. Manual switching to DB FAIL. Oh yea, it was 3rd and way long too.
* Tebow = Hoss
* OMG Erin Andrews!!!!!!! EA Sports constantly reminds me that she will track me as I work my way up through the ranks of CFB. What they don’t mention is that once I win the Heisman, we go back and have a sexy party.
* Pretty cool passing angle. No more aerial views, it's more of a field level view. Reading right above QB’s head. Will be interesting for head-to-head later.
* Have to settle for a field goal to end the half. 14-10. Sooners
* Was skeptical about the passing camera angle. But it is absolutely awesome. If you throw into double coverage you are a complete moron now. That being said, I throw into double coverage A LOT! Dane knows this all too well...
* Just got nailed and the ball just lobbed up there. Less and less this is becoming video game football.
* Tebow throws a pick
* Just missed sacking Bradford in the end zone. Complete pass. FRUSTRATION!
* Things that are annoying: Dlinemen getting caught in an OL’s grip and there is no way of snaking out of it
* End of 3: 14-10 with OU knocking on the door inside the 5-yard line
* Good goaline defense stop. OU hits a field goal 17-10.
* This upcoming drive is where men are made
* 2-minute quarters blow. Given the ball with 40 seconds left.
* Desperation heave swatted away. 17-10 Final.

Head –to-Head

* Comment from Yancey: "Take Erin Andrews on an adventure" Alllriiiighhttt
* Game: Me OU. Yancey UF
* New Discovery: You can commit your defense to Run/Pass. Yancey stuffs my initial run attack.
* Interception by me. This passing angle is growing on me
* WTF on gameplan for 2 people. Can’t see any changes
* Boo Slip Screen not working like in 2009!
* Fake Punt on 4th and 15 results in 65 yard run. Yancey curses.
* Offensive player lock on player is not cool
* Desperation half-time Hail Mary WTF. Yancey scores. Manual switch to DB FAIL
* 14-10 at half Sooners
* WTF Fumble. Tebow fumbles. UF Recovers for a TD after OU just falls over. NOT COOL
* Bradford throws into triple coverage. (Slaps forehead!). Escaped barely with the ball getting knocked down
* 21-17 me after 3 quarters
* Gators turnover on downs w/ 55 seconds left, yes!
* Audibles won’t come up w/ 2 player. Interesting….you actually have to know what you're picking.
* Tebow's desperation heave knocked down.
* Final Score, Me 21 Yancey 17

This demo is pretty fun and I can't wait to play at Ga. Tech with our revamped offense. No more horrible Triple Option running! The controls are all basically the same which helps out a lot. A lot of the improvements are small things that add up such as graphics, pre-game activities, ERIN ANDREWS, and customizable options.