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Finding the Ladies of Lawrence

Is there hope for Dane in Lawrence, KS?

Poor Dane. All he ever wanted was to go to Ole Miss next year in his gold seersucker suit and work his magic with the Girls of The Grove. Unfortunately, Houston Nutt had other plans and gave Dane the middle finger. He got scared of Paul Johnson's "mythical" offense and backed out...throwing Dane into fits of curses. So after a little bit of searching around the interwebs and DoubleExtraPoint, my go-to source for anything about the Girls of College Football, I found a few pics for what I dub: The Ladies of Lawrence.

Apparently they have a beach in Kansas? No just kidding. But she does go to KU!

There is even a Women of KU Calendar. Yes, it is all with farm machinery. But this is Kansas, the Great Plains, the land of Buffalo Bill, there isn't anything other than farm equipment. Can you imagine a "Girls of GT Calendar"? We'd have them holding shrink-wrapped boxes of MATlab and binary code in the background (shudders):

Now if only they went to football games like this:

A whole new definition to dressing light for the game

What's better than frolicking with a farm-girl in a bikini behind a bale of hay? Or running through a cornfield, hand-in-hand as it cuts your face? Nothing I tell you!

So while it's no consolation to The Grove, maybe those corn-fed girls do know how to make it worth our while.