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Afternoon Football Debate

I remember listening to Chuck and Chernoff last week on 680 The Fan. 680 will always be better than 790, because 790 straight up blows.

Back on track...they played a clip from Gary Stokan, president of the Atlanta Sports Council, who was discussing the Georgia Dome and football and an interesting topic came up. The issue that came up was "would the ASC ever try to get the Georgia/ Georgia Tech game in the Dome?"

The president responded that he was very interested. He expressed interest in possibly moving the game to the beginning of the season (WTF?!). Both Chuck Oliver and Matt Chernoff gave their viewpoints after the audio piece. I have summarized them below:

Chuck Oliver: UGA will never give up their home field adavantage for the Dome. Would be in support of the game going to the Dome, only DO NOT MOVE IT TO SEPTEMBER.

Chernoff: Agreed with Oliver mostly. Said that Tech would probably be willing to give up their home field advantage because there is not much advantage to be had (hey we're working on it). Could also use the money that could be made from increased ticket sales and revenue.

So I ask you, would you be willing to give up a home game to play in the Dome and possibly let in more 'gaggers? Would you ever be interested in moving Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate into September?

This writer says NO! to both.