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To Hell with Georgia: Turner Field Edition

Tech and uga meet tonight at the House that Smoltz built. The rivalry renews for its 345th edition and 7th game at Turner Field. Tech actually has an abysmal record at Turner Field going 1-5 with a current 3 game losing streak at the Ted. This year's different though. This year Tech walks in with some hot hands (4.64 team ERA) and high flyin' bats (.325 team average). Opponents are hitting .261 against us and have an awful 8.43 ERA against Tech.

Quick preview of uga stats:

Team Batting Avg. - .301
Opp. Batting Avg. - .271

Team ERA - 4.64
Opp. ERA - 7.50

Georgie is 2 games back of Florida in the SEC-East division race and is sportin' a 34-17 overall record. The dogs are led offensively by Rich Poythress who is pushin' a .392 batting average with 21 homers. Georgie has 94 homers in 51 games compared to Tech's 96 homers in 46 games. Tech already defeated Georgie at home once this season and the first game of the series (at Tech) was rained out.

Tech and uga have played at Turner Field every year since 2003. The 2003 game was the first college game ever played at Turner Field and the attendance at the Ted typically averages 23,000-25,000, which is very impressive for college baseball. Predicted attendance: 24,500.

Cooincidentally, the first time Jeff Francoeur ever played at Turner Field was the same day as that 2003 Tech-uga game at Turner Field. Francoeur was playing for Parkview High School.

Edit: I didn't realize Zach von Tersch was pitching. Georgie is done-fer. Anyone know why Zach didn't pitch against FSU? FYI, Georgie is pitchin' a freshman against us. Are you afraid of this guy???