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Taking a look at our opponents schedule

So we're taking a cue from Gobbler Country and looking at our opponents schedule before and after our respective games with each other. F4H also sympathizes with our October. That month is gonna be Roadtrip Month for sure.

No one has a bye game before or after us which means teams will have the minimum amount of time to prepare for our offensive attack. Jacksonville State has not been included in this list because they'll be our warm-up game.

Date Pre-Game Post-Game vs.Clemson
9/10 vs. MTSU vs. BC at Miami
9/17 bye
at VPISU vs. UNC
9/26 vs. ECU vs. UVA at Miss. St.
10/3 vs. LSU vs. Houston at FSU
10/10 at BC at UNC vs. VPISU
10/17 vs. BC vs. UNC at UVA
10/24 at Maryland vs. Duke at Vandy
10/31 at USCeast at Florida vs. Wake
11/7 vs. Miami vs. FSU at Duke
11/14 vs. UNC vs. Miami vs. Georgie
11/28 vs. Kentucky

So who has a schedule closest to our October? Where we have only 1 home game against Virginia Tech and its sandwiched in-between Florida State and Virginia. Miami and Vanderbilt get the brutal schedules with Vandy having it worse. The Commodores have us followed by the Gators in The Swamp. No easy task for sure.