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A-Rod book links Kevin Brown to HGH...again

The new Alex Rodriguez book "A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez" written by SI writer Selena Roberts delves into the inner workings of A-Rod's supposedly sadistic mind. I'm personally not really that interested in A-Rod or his crazy-ass life but there was a mention of former Georgia Tech pitcher Kevin Brown in the AP article released today.

Brown played at Tech from 1984-1986 before being drafted by the Rangers in '86. Brown is #4 on Tech's all-time win list (28) and innings pitched list (329). He played for six teams during his 19 year MLB career. He won 211 games and recorded over 2,300 strikeouts featuring a 95mph sinking fastball.

Selena claims that Kevin Brown was sharing HGH with A-Rod during Brown's last MLB years. Brown was already listed in the Mitchell Report so this isn't terribly new information about Kevin albeit he denies the claims in the new book through his lawyer.

What annoys me about this situation is:
1) Who pays for all of these crappy book deals? Seems like there wouldn't be enough people to actually buy these books outside of sports journalists to cover the cost of paying an author.
2) How much longer can people ride on the "Bring Down A-Rod" train? I'm tired of A-Rod stories but apparently the media still loves him.

I'm ready to move on. Baseball definitely is ready to move on.

Anyone wanna talk about good news like Stewart Cink's #3 world ranking or Tech athletes graduating? Or Mario's next challenege in defending Lebron James?