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Renewing the Old Matchups

Was cruising around looking at the history of Georgia Tech football and started looking at the all-time wins and losses against all of our opponents. I sure would like to get rid of that cupcake game we play every year and play some teams that actually carry some weight. I made a table of the opponents we played the most in the past (a lot from our old Bobby Dodd and SEC and glory days) along with some other recognizable names. I kept off teams that are scheduled for the future no matter how far out.
Opponent W L T Pct. Air Force 3 0 0 1.000 Baylor 3 1 0 0.750 Central Florida 3 0 0 1.000 Florida 23 9 6 0.684 Kentucky 11 7 1 0.605 LSU 12 7 0 0.631 Navy 16 9 0 0.640 Notre Dame 6 27 1 0.191 Penn State 3 4 0 0.429 Pitt 2 5 0 0.286 Southern Cal 1 2 0 0.333 Tennessee 17 24 2 0.419

I'd like to see Tennessee, Penn State, and Florida back on the schedule in that order. The old days were good to us and the match ups would surely be intriguing. Plus its always good to beat a "legendary power."

Who do you want to see? Don't see a team you want to play included in the list? Post in the comments!