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Pro Basebalol - Ramirez caught juicing

I'm not a super huge baseball fan, but I do love watching college games.

I do like tailgating for pro-baseball games, and every once in a while, I do like to hit up Turner Field for a game.

However, I will never, ever, ever be a pro baseball fan. With the amount of money thrown around and the lack of loyalty or any kind of team pride, it's kind of a joke to me. After John Smoltz left the Braves, I have no reason to care about the team at all.

Now, I don't really care about performance enhancing substances. To be honest, I'm totally fine with letting pro players put whatever they want into their bodies. I think it's alot more impressive without HGH and steroids, but whatever. They are getting paid lots of money to do so, and it's not like they don't already risk their bodies (which is another subject - the D.A.R.E.-like histeria over steroids, I'll cover that another day). However, the rules say you can't juice. Don't juice. It's against the rules.


Now, Ramirez may be innocent of any deceitful intent, as he says a 'doctor' gave him the drugs. Right.

We've never really had a performance enhancing drug discussion on this blog. Personally, I think the NCAA should be 100x stricter on peformance enhancing drugs than any recreational drug testing. I think it is important to retain the amateur status of college sports, and keep the academic/athletic balance of the student-athlete in check (or at least, try to swing it back towards academics). I think the task of being an excellent student while being an excellent athlete is hard enough without the extra focus on athletics that steroids and other drugs bring to the table. After that, though, I don't really care.

What do you think about peformance-enhancing drugs in the pros/college sports?