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Out of Conference SOS rankings

One of the biggest arguments in college football is who is the best conference. I am a strong advocate of the best team and the best conference is that who plays the hardest out-of-conference schedule because in-conference schedules are flawed. cgb over at CollegeGameBalls came up with a unique formula to analyze the Big 6 Out of Conference Schedules. cgb came up with the following formula for SOS:

St = (((0.9 * H) + (1.1 * A) + (0.7 * h) + (0.8 * a) -(0.9 * C)) / (H + A + h + a + C))

H = Home games against BCS teams (and Notre Dame)
A = Neutral or Away games against BCS teams (and Notre Dame)
h = Home games against non-BCS teams
a = Away games against non-BCS teams
C = Cupcakes, games against any team that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories ie 1aa teams.

Here are the ACC's stats:

Pac 10 Sc = 0.653
Big 12 Sc = 0.564583
Big Ten Sc = 0.4863
Big East Sc = 0.44
SEC Sc = 0.425
ACC Sc = 0.377083

The ACC is dead last. NCSU, Duke, and UNC hurt the conference by scheduling 2 cupcakes each, wasting a game and throwing it down the toilet. Georgia Tech is tied for 2nd with Florida State and has a score of 0.55. This is attributed to away games at both Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, along with a home game vs. Georgia. It does pay to have an in-state rival in another conference. "Surprisingly", cgb has VT ranked #1. You can call out cgb and claim foul play (as I did!) but in reality when you look at their schedule, they don't play 1-AA cupcakes. It's the way a schedule should be.

Got problems with these rankings? What are your thoughts?