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I heart intrastate football

Sorry about lack of postings today. Dane/Winfield are cuddling after completing their final finals and I was in Charlotte for a Hazmat Conference.

On to the interesting news today. Tech is slated to play Georgia Southern in 2015. That's a helluva long way away, which leads me to believe it'll give GSU time to reach I-A status as Coach Hatcher has indicated he'd like to be the guy to take GSU to that level. We'll see.

I personally will love to see this game. I've followed the Eagles since my cousin's 5 years in Statesboro. We'd trade tickets every other year for the GT-uga game and the GSU-Furman game. I've seen epic duals between Chaz Williams and Ingle Martin, Jayson Foster dominate some I-AA bitches, and some incredible triple option football under Mike Sewak. And I was pretty pissed off at VanGorder for doggin' the Eagles after one crappy season. So, like I said, I've been waiting for this game.

Once again, sorry for the shortage of Friday postings. I may post some this weekend between golf, Cinco de Mayo parties, and watching the NBA playoffs. Expect more Winfield/Dane postings since they don't have jobs/school now.