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Attention High School Basketball Recruits - Watch NBA Playoffs

I was bored this morning and ran a COUNTIF function over the rosters of the 16 NBA playoff teams to see what conference was most represented in the 2009 NBA playoffs starting lineups. Low and behold one conference stood above the rest. Here are my findings:

1. High School/International: 26 players
2. ACC: 13 players
3. Big East: 9 players
4. SEC: 7 players
5. Big 12: 6 players
6. PAC10: 5 players
6. Atlantic 10: 5 players
8. Big 10: 2 players
8. Mountain West: 2 players
8. WAC: 2 players
11. Other: 3 players

If I were an ACC coach, I'd be shoving those numbers in kids' faces every time I visited. Right now the NBA playoffs is really all that's interesting in the sports world since the NFL draft is done and MLB is just starting up. The exposure level for the NBA is at its peak for the year.

And I think this is a huge indictment of the state of Big 10 basketball. The sports programs of the Big 10 with massive fan bases and moneys rollin' in should be putting more talent into the NBA. So goes life. I guess you can't grow speed, height, or jumping ability in the cold.

Any thoughts? Any Hewitt-Haters wanna critique Hewitt's recruitment of NBA one-and-doners? I'm open for anything.