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Dwyer for 09 Heisman

Thanks to Mash on the Gas for starting the blog snowball effect. Also, thanks to UNC blog Tar Heel Fan for showing me the link to Obamaicon.ME. I'm hopin' for a Dwyer Heisman. Here's a breakdown of the Modern Era* runningbacks' Heisman and pre-Heisman years:

So Dwyer is well on his way at 1419 yards in his sophomore season. A net increase of 900 yards from Dwyer's pre-Heisman year to actual Heisman year seems insurmountable. Reaching the average Heisman rushing yardage in the Modern Era* would require Dwyer increase his rushing total by 637 yards, which appears to be another daunting task... We shall see.

* - Note, my Modern Era of college football begins in 1983 or 26 seasons ago.