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Chattanooga Lookouts host GT in TN

GT is playing the first of two neutral site games on Wednesday night against the Tennessee Volunteers. Tech is playing in Chattanooga, TN at AT&T Field the current home of the Chattanooga Lookouts. The game is slated for 7:15pm and follows an earlier game with the Lookouts hosting the Jacksonville Suns.

The game's importance comes from the fact that it's on a neutral site in GT recruiting areas as well as SEC recruiting areas. Increased exposure to kids that don't normally get to see GT will definitely help out Danny Hall's TN footholds. And Southeast TN is not that far for anyone looking at a possible relocation to Midtown ATL (e.g. high school seniors).

UT is led offensively by Cody Hawn and Blake Forsythe. Both are the only two Vols with double-digit homers at 18 and 13 dingers, respectively. The team is batting 0.284 as a unit. Defensively, the Vols aren't too terribly impressive with a team ERA of 6.05 (compared to Tech's 4.62). If my real fast and rough math is correct, Tech has played UT 78 times and has won 45 of the games including the last meeting in February of 2006. Tech is 1-0 against the SEC this year and a win would definitely help out the ACC come tourney selection time.

Also, here's a link to an article about Darryl Richard from the Boston Herald. Seems the Bostonians appreciate a little GT intellect.

Any thoughts on GT baseball this season? I'm hoping for a seed in the 8-16 range.