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MNF crew changes

So Tony Kornheiser is done with Monday Night Football and is being replaced by exiled Bucs coach Jon Gruden... Damn. I was finally used to the current threesome. Jaworski was the genuine, intelligent football guy. Tirico is an excellent play-by-play. And Kornheiser was the witty color guy.

Someone explain to me how Jon Gruden will balance this crew. I can only see him as the cherry-faced asshole running up and down the sidelines. Oh well, we'll see. I'll still watch MNF's. I just have a feeling it won't be very good and will be filled with lots of awkward silence. I imagine a scenario where Gruden starts barking about poor footwork on the part of the defensive backs and calls them a bunch of turd-eating asshats. This is followed by a completely stoic Tirico stating, "Yes, in fact, their footwork looks a little off tonight." And Jaworski is just silent.

If I hear anything from Redskins fans saying they think Theismann should be back in the booth, I'll punch them directly in the face. Theismann was a piece and was flat out mean to Kornheiser. I don't think JT respected a comedic approach to announcing NFL games. Entertainment ≠ Theismann. Dennis Miller was simply not good.